Boise Housing Corp

The Boise Housing Corporation is a 501C3 non-profit corporation governed by a board of directors consisting of members of the architectural, development, and financial community, in conjunction with a representative of Boise City, and other public agencies, many of which have served on the Boise City Mayor’s Affordable Housing Task Force. The Affordable Housing Task Force was formed in 1993 to investigate alternatives and encourage development of affordable housing projects in Boise, Idaho. Based on recommendations of the Task Force, Boise Housing Corporation made a commitment to develop innovative, high quality, affordable housing communities, including mixed use projects.

Boise Housing Corporation has developed or rehabilitated many projects in Idaho and Oregon and has received national recognition for its innovative public/private partnerships. The awards include: Good Works Award for Small Business, The Vision 2000 Award of Excellence in the area of Community and Economic Development by the U.S. Small Business Administration, and the State, Regional and National Corporate Award by the National Head Start Association for 2001 and 2002.

Boise Housing Corporation continues to pursue creative and innovative ways to produce high-quality affordable mixed-use projects, and ways to preserve and enhance existing affordable housing resources throughout the Northwest. They current own or manage 40 some projects and are looking at properties that can use their assistance. Please contact 208-343-6438 to speak with a representative today about your project.

Oak Park Village
200 Mixed Income Multi Family, 43 Owner Occupied Town homes, 60,000 Sqft of office and  retail including a Head start classroom and a latch key recreation center
Oak Park